Creating a new port

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1)This box list all the IPs which are configured on all network interfaces on your server. To Activate the Intelligent Port on an IP, Select the IP in this list and click on >  button to add it in selected IPs list box.
2)This box list the IPs you selected to use for this Intelligent Port.
3)If you want to Activate this Intelligent Port on all IPs on your server then CHECK this check box. After checking this checkbox you don't need to select individual IPs.
4)Here you can chose the default status of this port. If you select the status "Disabled" then this port will not start even if you restart the IntelligentPortsService.
5)This is the Intelligent Port number where this port will start listening the connections. e.g web server listen on port 80
6)Here you will choose the protocol used for this Intelligent Port. e.g if you are creating Intelligent Port to serve DNS requests then select UDP. If you are going to use this Intelligent Port as mail server then use TCP.
7)This is the Local or Remote IP address. Intelligent port will forward all connections to this IP (after processing RuleSet). Remember that Intelligent Port don't use OS Routing or Firewall but it use TCP/UDP protocol to forward connections. This IP can be override through ROUTE or LOADBALANCERANDOM Rules in RuleSet.
8)This is the destination port number where Intelligent port will forward the traffic. This Port can be override through ROUTE Rules in RuleSet.
9)Here name of RuleSets will be listed. You can choose one or you can click on Create RuleSet button to create new RuleSet. Remember to Select the newly created RuleSet in this list after you create it.
10)Click on this button if you want to create a New RuleSet to use with this port.
11)Select the level of logging you need. If you need to know what is going on behind the scenes then you can turn on Extensive Logging and then can check the log files in [INSTALLDIR]/logs directory.
12)This is the limit on Total number of Connections for this port. This value can not be override from RuleSet. This is global for THIS port. And apply to only TCP based ports.
13)After filling up all fields, Click here to Save the port. Remember port will not start automatically after creation. Either right click on the port in ports list and click "Activate" or Restart IntelligentPortsService.