Conditional & Dynamic TCP/UDP Routing

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Every Intelligent Port is capable of routing incoming connections.


While creating an Intelligent Port you will specify a default Mapped IP:Port where IntelligentPort will forward connections. But this can be override through RuleSet.


Based on the RuleSet assigned to Intelligent Port, It can perform following Dynamic routing of incoming connections.


Forward the incomming TCP/UDP connections to an alternative IP:port for specific incoming IP ranges.


For example you have an Intelligent port which is mapped to

So All incoming connections to will be forwarded to (after doing RuleSet processing). But you dont want some specific IPs to go at same destination. So you will setup ROUTE Rule and based on that the specific IPs will be forwarded to some alternative IP:port.


And you can specify unlimited number of such conditional routes for same port.


So as a result you can setup conditions where apparently all incoming connections will be connecting to but actually they will be serving on different servers based on the client IPs.